Football team rapes – Vanderbilt’s Brandon Vanderburg rape trial features team sex crimes for sport

The devil is in the details. In the Vanderbilt University rape case, it’s important to be alert for simple, yet crucial details, some listed below.  However, any reporting; written, audio, or televised; involving one of the worst sports-gang rapes in American history that doesn’t include a single reference to our rape culture, (a cultural taproot from elementary school): is reporting that is deliberately and fatally, flawed.

The short version?  Readers should pay particular attention to what is reported as well as what isn’t after the trial, including subsequent “think pieces” beyond who was not charged and why, and who remains on the team…and why.

Also, after the trial, a longer piece.  With Tweets like this from a friend of Brandon Vandenburg,

Drunk is the goal

Drunk is the goal

bears some parental thought.  Particularly since Vandenburg’s mother believes, and wrote Brandon didn’t have much experience with alcohol.

Alcohol can’t be used as a defense of course.  Sure attorneys would want to blame alcohol; but that’s a lazy defense given prosecutors were aware that back in California, resided the remains of Vandenburg’s reputation.  In high school at Xavier Prep, Coach Darrell Lewis benched Vandenburg for the season after his display of a bad attitude after just four games. But Vanderbilt rolled the dice on Vandenburg’s potential, after Vandenburg cleaned up his act, temporarily, rather than the reality of Vandenburg.  Ultimately, Brandon Vandenburg’s bad attitude meant Vandenburg suited up for not one Vanderbilt game before making Vanderbilt nationally known in ways colleges would prefer, not.

While Vanderbilt University’s keenest desire would be return to the business of football; and Vanderbilt alums are likewise keen not to be compared in any way to the NFL;  (which may be why Coach Franklin blew out of town as soon as the political winds shifted) no fear. Roger Goodoldboy is proving up to the challenge of foxes guarding the henhouse, as was demonstrated prior to the lackluster, report.  Again, what isn’t covered is equally important as what is.  Was Coach Franklin ever deposed?  How is it anyone could think 15 minutes on SKYPE was sufficient?  [Cliff’s Notes:  As the “Schools Section” demonstrates, school administrators have been protecting the criminal students who target women, for decades.  Thus, it’s a given the practice would continue in high school, college, and business.  The more important question,  why parents allowed the practice of protecting criminal to be their history, will be addressed later. Right now the reality is:  business.  More particularly, the business of protecting a school franchise.]

Thus, attending to the business of addressing rape, just might include the hiring of, shills. Towit:  Beth Shepard, who opines, “This case seems like a joke” and “I feel bad for the jurors but even worst (sic) for the boys who are getting dragged into.”

Is Beth Shepard paid for her Facebook posts?

While Beth has been very chatty,

Vandenburg - Beth Shepard shill?

Does Beth Shepard receive compensation for her FB posts?

at some point, the question that must be asked, is:  Is Beth Shepard real?

Vandendurg - Beth Shepard shillshot3 perhaps?

Is Beth Shepard real?

Now, just when people start feeling like they want a shower;  good news.

Change never happens without social pressure – and social pressure is happening

1.  When college rape victims like Erica Kinsman, who detailed Florida State official reaction to her rape claim leveled at Jameis Winston, star quarterback for the Florida State Seminoles is featured in the college rape documentary, The Hunting Ground, Kinsman was clear about what is important.  Business.  Also stated in the film:

“Less than 4 percent of people on campus are student athletes, yet they commit 19 percent of schools’ sexual assaults”

See the Hunting Ground trailer, here.

That Tallahassee Police didn’t investigate Kinsman’s claim for ten months is both problematic, but typical.  However, cops committing sex crimes is something else that only recently began getting media exposure.

When American culture particularly in the South, includes being somewhat proud of football as a religion, sports gang rape is problematic.   Erica Kinsmen and others demonstrated this.

2.  As women are deciding their way of addressing rape is to choose to speak out and up.  Humiliation due to criminal acts committed on them, is finally becoming a “bygone era.”

3.  Shout out to social media for assisting women to first discover, then addressing those schools, and school administrators who opted to allow the attempted degradation of women to continue, while busily attempting to mitigate sex crimes.  (Hope someone has researched whether Vanderbilt University hired extra for PR teams, and at what price.)

The makings of a monster

Often the making of a misogynistic monster is first revealed by their online social interactions.  Because every picture tells a story, those with a discerning eye pick up whenever irony enters the frame.  Especially sports boys who revel in not growing up.   Note Brandon Vandenburg’s initial Twitter profile.  You may have missed it, but it was the one before Brandon became famous as a campus rapist, and turned to religion post-arrest.

In Brandon’s first Twitter profile, Vandenbbilt honor student Brandon Vandenburg wrote #IAMSECOND  first.

Second?  That would be Brandon’s #GODFIRST

Vandenburg - Twitter originalAlso, consider the picture.  Football centered, and girls on the sidelines.  Not academics.

Also not mentioned?  Boys who spend a little too much time getting all bro screenshots….

Vandenburg - Miles Finley - bros in the family

Miles Finley – so over-the-top, bro

including flirty texts to other guys.

Vandenburg - Miles Finley - bro texting

Bro texting is still about sex

Sports bros.  Sports rape.  But Sports bros results in tweets like this, from another in the sports bro world of Brandon Vandenburg.

College dads - misogyny

Ultimately, be it misogyny or a total disdain for fifty percent of the population; this is our national problem.  See a brief history of military misogyny here and here.

Tomorrow.  More on the parents, since.


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12 Responses to Football team rapes – Vanderbilt’s Brandon Vanderburg rape trial features team sex crimes for sport

  1. newprude says:

    What ever happened to that Beth Sheperd and her Facebook page? Bet she feels like an idiot right now.


  2. Moms Hugs says:

    We have no idea what Brandon’s daddy did. Doubt his friends will come forward either. My mother used a few old sayings that stuck & were recycled when my kids were teenagers & young adults. Don’t know where she got them, but these are still pertinent today….
    “You will be judged by the company you keep.”
    “You make your bed, don’t expect your family to sleep in it with you.”
    “Don’t bring your troubles back home either.”


    • jackson says:

      Remember this “if you want to know the quality of character of parents,,,,,just look at the children’s behavior


      • Marlene says:

        Not true I disagree with you… not wise in your own eyes….parents can do an awesome and by one tragic thing happening to them like spending the night at a friend’s and someone violates them or a family member. That is life changing most people turn to drugs to dampen the pain of shame or continual thoughts of the tragedy. Judge not for you will be judged


      • Here’s the thing people who fling out Biblical quotes never take into consideration. We have courts and jurors specifically to be judged. By your reasoning – the U.S. should operate on a Bible basis – ignoring that people came to this country to escape the Church of England where religion was mandatory…and we are free from religion.

        So if you want to make a point, make a legal point, not a religious one. Religion has no place in a court of law.

        Last, we don’t know if this was no “one tragic thing.”


  3. Teri says:

    Brandon Vanderburg is a serial narcissist, entitled little a**hole…brought up by parents…who he emulated! Sad for him….rot in hell for your parents transgressions….that are now yours!


    • I doubt Brandon’s parent did what Brandon did. The videos show him to be gleeful.
      Also, am thinking we need a new word for “depraved” as thanks to Brandon, it no longer covers the depths of his behavior. Perhaps, “Vandenburged.”


  4. I did hear that…and I mention the breaking denial thing in my post today about Brandon’s friends reactions. See if you agree.


  5. newprude says:

    At this point the parents need to pull their heads out of their asses. They need to get a dose of reality real quick. There is still a sentencing hearing ahead and if they face that judge with their faux religious crap he’s going to sentence their son to life. Someone needs to accept some responsibility and be GENUINE. Did you see how the jury foreman said Cory Batey testimony actually hurt him? If both these boys face the judge with a hint of the attitude they projected during the trial he’s going to put them Under the jail.


  6. Jennifer says:

    Today, there is a bible quote on Shawna Vandenburgs Facebook account…a bible quote referencing essentially how she employs God to avoid facing her own accountability in this horrifying act her son committed. Had she focused on accountability, remorse, reflection and restitution…perhaps there would be a different outcome for this family. Perhaps she would have instilled different values in her son who would not have seen women as Godly church going mothers or whores who have no human value. This is part and parcel to misogyny. There is no indication of remorse or even a barest notion of responsibility on the part of Brandon or the family. It seems this family has determined that they are righteous and Godly and that there is some kind of evil conspiracy against them. That the DA, the outraged public and the victim have all come together to ‘test’ the family and bring them ‘dark’ times for which God alone can being them through. Redemption is in the hands of the sinner. It’s work and it’s a cold, hard look in the mirror in the darkest of hours. Holding the mirror up to God or the ‘culture’ is simply another way to avoid the reality of Brandon’s choices. It doesn’t appear anyone in Brandon’s life owns a mirror. All these lives thrown away and the damage left in the wake of these hideous acts stand bare now. Maybe Brandon will find a mirror in the cold, hard, dark days he will face in his years in prison.


  7. Thank you for posting this enlightening information. I completely missed hearing about this case.


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