Brandon Vandenburg NFL wannabe – Vanderbilt football gang rape trial #Vandytrial

For a long time people wondered how an honor student, from a “Christian” college could behave as has been reported.  The answer is ego.  Make that, massive ego.  (If you’ve been in a coma, am referring to the Vanderbilt football team gang rape, allegedly led by Brandon Vandenburg, now on trial.)

Normal people might also wonder how someone who was aware enough while drunk, to have the presence of mind to delete or attempt to delete evidence of their crimes, but leave their Twitter account, @Vandenburg85 open...

Vandenburg - Twitter originalbut, my bad.  The answer should have been easy.  Again, simple.

There was just so much to delete!

Related:  Defense attorneys who took their eye off the ball.  Defense attorneys didn’t triple-check what their client with the massive ego, assured them was done.

The result?  Too little too late.  Which is how in the middle of one horrendous Vanderbilt football related gang rape trial, Brandon Vandenburg just this week, decided to “protect” his Twitter account.

But like I said.  Too late sports fans.  (Lets be clear, the woman was attacked for sport.) So here’s a couple of shots I found earlier.  Will the “alcohol, rape culture” help the defense?

Nope.  Drunk drivers are stilled charged with crimes.  The days of, “I was so drunk that I didn’t know what I was doing” are officially, over.  So to Miles Finley, who writes:  “I love home deliveries!!” to caption the shot below:

Vandenburg - Miles Finley - BudweiserI recommend you might want to re-think that.

And to women who are friends of Miles, just know Miles demonstrates how he feels about you, during his free-wheeling candid posts.  Should anyone doubt the type of males (no one would identify them as “men”) who look to Brandon Vandenburg as one of their own.

Tip to women:  Never drink around Miles Finley.

Vandenburg Friend Miles Finley - drunk women#drunkbitch, #hoesbelike “I’m not even drunk!  #wtfhappenedtothatgirl #ithinkshedied #loledsoohardwhenisawthis

Will post some additional shots on Monday.  Have a good weekend, fellow trial watchers.



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10 Responses to Brandon Vandenburg NFL wannabe – Vanderbilt football gang rape trial #Vandytrial

  1. NJPM says:

    “Whose idea was it,” that is. Fixed typo.


  2. NJPM says:

    I don’t understand a few things .
    Why did he not leave her at her dorm ?
    What was his plan when he decided to bring her to his dorm?
    Had he not run into the other players would he have just let her sleep it off?
    White idea was it to attack her and did they decide on that on the way upstairs or once in the room?


  3. John Doe II says:

    As someone ELSE who went to high school with these guys, I can also assure you that you nailed these guys right on the head. Entitled as they come.


    • newprude says:

      What is the reaction from people in his home town? Because this family truly thought he was going to be walking out of the court scott free. I’ve seen postings from his mom and her friends relentlessly expressing how Brandon didn’t touch her the other guys did. Bless her poor little delusional heart.


      • Are you telepathic? 🙂 That is going to be the subject of today’s column.


      • John Doe says:

        Read the Desert Sun on Facebook and you’ll see for yourself, that in quite a few articles I was quite disappointed. More than a number of acquaintances are disappointed, disproportionately 90% of the vocal ones being female which is troubling in itself.

        Because these are the guys who knew Vandenburg better than anyone else did, his classroom behavior, give up attitude in practice, dirty play in games (I remember him specifically coming up to a group of us one day bragging about his new move called “the wiggler,” when he couldn’t handle being boxed out by someone smaller than him, and would literally insert his fingers…). Do not be deceived,

        Even his attorney Fletcher Long the morning after inerrently let slip that he did not allow Brandon to come to the stand because he would have blown his own case. You got to be a certain kind of derranged person to do what he did that night, but you got to be even certain kind of idiot to film and distribute that. Do not be deceived, this act is only the culmination of years of a lifestyle and pattern of behavior. To think that if he had not been dumb to take that video, he would be out walking the streets quite possibly, more emboldened than ever.

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      • newprude says:

        I think people that have any sympathy for Brandon truly didn’t understand all the sordid details of this case.


  4. sharon says:

    Good. Hearing the pain in his fathers voice? Priceless. I think the other guy, Batey, can be rehabilitated. Vandenburg? No, esp considering how evil it was to lie and convince his girlfriend *she* did something wrong, and he took care of her.
    Too bad they have two more sons. Maybe seeing their brother in prison will deter them from raping women?


  5. John Doe says:

    As someone who went to the same high school as these characters and even held classes with these guys, I can tell you your writings are 100% spot on, and that’s on what IS visible. That’s what you get with the entitled Xavier College Prep crowd from Palm Desert.


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