Reporting 101: There are two kinds of GPS – but reporters aren’t covering the kind that works.

First, there are two kinds of GPS.  Second, most reporters and State and Congressional staffers, don’t know this.  Sadly, it follows when reporters are unaware of critical information, the public is then and repeatedly, misinformed.  Misinformation is responsible in part, for our continuing murder rate.  Well, that and Toni Atkins.  Certainly San Diego deserves better than a woman who refuses to protect women.

The type of GPS most reporters write about is passive.  Probation officers occasionally check long after-the-fact data records detailing where a subject has been, once or twice a day.  Worse, the manufacturers of passive GPS use straps that are easily cut off –  as demonstrated by the Orange County parolees charged in killing four women demonstrated recently.  Clearly, passive, after-the-fact, GPS record collection does not work. Never mind the straps. Simply put, passive GPS particularly does not work if Probation is involved.  Also, (and worse) Congressional staffers rely on information from Probation and Parole..

However, Real-time GPS is quite different.  Real-time GPS features monitors watching the screen (meaning the person wearing the device) 24/7.   Bonus! The straps for real-time GPS are made of steel and can’t be cut.  Another Bonus.  The individual watching the screen can tell if two offenders are together who shouldn’t be.  Another  bonus. A microphone is on the device.  This enables the monitor to warn the individual to change their course.  But the biggest bonus is for the public:  The monitor can flip a switch and a little siren goes off on the device, so the pubic is immediately alerted the person walking near them is someone they can avoid.  Think of it as an electronic, neighborhood watch.

Ergo, real-time GPS is all about for crime prevention.  Yes, crime prevention!  (Real-time crime prevention that costs about a third of what most states pay for passive GPS that is essentially, electronic record keeping.)

Now ask yourself this:  When was the last time anyone read a news article about real-time GPS being used to prevent a crime?  (Me either.)

Here’s how real-time GPS works – and why it should be added as an Enhancement to some restraining orders in Family Court.

Remember, the person wearing it is monitored, not “checked” 24/7 See below.

So the question becomes – why isn’t crime prevention being used both in Family Court as an enhancement to some Restraining Orders, (especially helpful as most assault-to-murder crimes are relationship related) rendering for the first time, an Effective Restraining Order; or for others who are stalked?

Last question:  Why does law enforcement continue resisting real-time GPS?  Tough questions reporters are not asking law enforcement or legislators at the expense of the public, and those targeted.

On October 19, 2010, I asked my city city council to docket for consideration, the purchase of real-time GPS.  The City Council said…maybe.  Then punted.  Nothing happened with my city council (San Diego), since.

Except of course, continued murders. Perhaps your city council is more interested in public safety than mine.

I encourage you ask and find out for yourself.




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