Murder: When journalism contributes to ongoing murders

Recently, New York Post reporter Kathryn Cusma wrote of Miguel Mejia-Ramos, after his apprehension in Texas following arraignment of his family’s, triple homicide knifing of wife Deisy, 21, and their two small daughters, Daniela, 3, and Yoselin, 1.

Deisy and Miguel Ramos with kidsRamos said he wouldn’t have killed his little girls, except, sorry.  His getaway vehicle wasn’t equipped with car seats.  Ramos was quoted as saying he kissed them and asked their forgiveness before stabbing them to death.

However, Cusma ended her piece by quoting Queens DA Richard Brown, who (incredibly) said,

“Mejia-Ramos has no known criminal history other than two domestic-violence incidents

Just as incredible?  Cusma did not challenge Brown’s statement in any way.

Also trending?  Of late reporters are not questioning post-murder, police press conferences where police have begun to use the soft-crime phrase,

“the shooting was a result of a domestic incident.”

That’s right.  The “Watch dog” press, currently employs, apparently, reporters who are taking notes, or tape-recording sexist police practices, without once challenging the police on their policy of down-grading crime to “incidents” or “situations.”

What’s up with that?  How is this responsible reporting?

Earlier today, in Wyoming’s, Jackson Hole ran the headline:

“Idaho man accused of pimping teenager” Investigators say an Idaho man being held in Teton County Jail forced a teenage woman into prostitution.

We emailed a quick heads up to editor, essentially mentioning that children are trafficked.  Children do not choose to enter prostitution as a career choice.

Teenagers don’t willingly make career choices.  Aside from not having legal capacity to do so, teenagers are not geared to make career choices.

This seems so basic.   Until one realizes Congressional failure on the part of both parties, has insured misogyny remains a key part of the American culture.

What’s say we stop this?   Let’s hold the press as accountable as the press claims they are attempting to hold government accountable.  In my area, local ABC and NBC affiliates will air stories featuring DV non-profits soliciting funds during “Domestic Violence Awareness” month (October).  But ABC and NBC San Diego refuse to air the high-tech solution that enables women to save their own lives.  Speaker Toni Atkins refuses to discuss the matter.  And Atkins is the Democratic leader.

Want to know the high-tech solution?  Contact us.



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