Thompson Coburn partner Mark Sableman sued after cell phone crash into woman

Sherry Claggett claims attorney Mark Sableman of Thompson Coburn was talking on a cell phone while driving and ran her over while she was in a crosswalk.   The complaint filed by J. Brad Wilmoth with Brown & Crouppen and goes on to state that Sableman  “refused to assist (her) while she lay in the street bloodied, battered and unconscious.”

As reported on Courthouse News, Claggett’s complaint further states Sableman was distracted by a cell phone conversation while on company business when he ran Claggett over in a crosswalk while she crossed with the light on Dec. 15, 2009.

“When the walk indication granted her the right of way, Sherry began to walk across Market Street,” the complaint states. “At that time, defendant Mark Sableman made a left turn in his vehicle from southbound 18th Street to eastbound Market Street and collided with Sherry Claggett in the crosswalk.
“After colliding with Sherry, Mark Sableman remained in his vehicle and thereby refused to assist Sherry while she lay in the street bloodied, battered and unconscious.”

Given Mark Sableman is also a partner with Thompson Coburn, and listed as a “Super Lawyer for 2013, we checked to see what kind of practice he has.  Turns out, his Thompson and Coburn bio states that Sableman:


“….focuses on facilitating clients’ communications, in media, marketing and business.  He helps clients gather and publish news, build brands, fight infringement and false advertising, protect and use information technology, and conduct business in the online world.”

This prompted us to wonder if Sableman was on the phone settling a case while driving.  (Insert:  calls were not returned.)

One more thing:  Mark Sableman also writes books!  One is titled,  “More Speech, Not Less: Communications Law in the Information Age

Yes – I did laugh.

We’re looking forward to covering the trial.  But given Sableman’s penchant for dispute resolution, are thinking he’ll settle.

In a separate area, we wonder if Sableman will be listed in Super Lawyers in 2014.


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