Will Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s attempt to make misogyny legal, prevail?

Will Mayor Emanuel legalize misogyny with his motion to redact the jury’s “code of silence” finding?

December 7, 2012  – Will Misogyny made legal as the result of some of Chicago’s famous back-room deals; this time courtesy of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel?

It’s a frightening thought.

Particularly since it’s Friday and one can expect much of the maneuvering will take place well out-of-sight.

And how long will Judge Amy St. Eve deliberate before deciding?

Code of silence judge

Federal Judge Amy St. Eve – Chicago “Code-of-Silence” judge

Thus, on Friday, December 7, 2012, U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve is being asked to erase a jury’s findings that there is a “Code of Silence” in the Chicago Police Department.

It began with the 2007 video of an exceptionally drunk Anthony Abbate, the off-duty Chicago cop caught beating the very tiny bartender, Karolina Obrycka, who had the temerity to refuse to continue serving him.  Abatte’s attack was caught on camera, here.

Obrycka sued in federal court and won.  Part of the ruling clearly stated Chicago PD participated in a “Code of Silence.”

In fairness, Chicago’s code of silence is no different than any other department’s code of silence, but a “Code of Silence” has never been specifically found in a judicial ruling.

ChicagoPD's  Officer Anthony Abatte

Former “officer” Abatte was found guilty and sentenced to….probation.

Until Obrycaka sued Chicago’s Police Department and Anthony Abbate in federal court.

To recap, it was all ugly and Abatte wanted the charges to go away.  There was prior testimony of Abbate’s willingness to plant evidence.  Meanwhile,  Abatte pled self-defense.  Seriously.

You can’t make this stuff up.

In the end, the federal jury didn’t simply attempt to reward the beaten and kicked-by-Abatte-when-she-was-down, bartender $850,000.

Although they did do that.

But the Chicago jury also concluded Chicago police adhered to their code of silence in order to protect a brute of their own.


Karolina Obrycka after Chicago’s Code of Silence trial

The jury determined it wasn’t just a single, off-duty, drunken enraged Abbate who tarnished the department’s image; but also his brethren who were more than willing to play down/hide a fellow officer’s brutal attack on

On Wednesday Garry McCarthy said, “I will never tolerate a code of silence in a department for which I am responsible,”

Things changed.  Possibly seconds after McCarthy’s statement.

Turns out Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his hand-picked police chief, Garry McCarthy, are doing exactly that.  Fearing more lawsuits Mayor Emanuel is asking the “code of silence” be removed from the judge’s ruling.

Enter – another woman

Turns out central to the “Code of Silence” question surrounds Chicago PD’s Debra Kirby, who at the time of Abbate’s attack, was head of the department’s internal affairs.  Kirby testified that she recommended in a phone call to prosecutors that Abbate be charged with a serious felony.

Enter “she said, he said.”

One officer backed Kirby’s claim she pushed for felony charges against Abbate from the jump.  But testimony from another detective under Kirby’s command was the opposite, with that detective testifying he heard Kirby recommend a lesser charge – which makes the bedrock foundation for Obrycka’s attorneys to claim proof of a police cover-up.

And now everyone has clammed up.

Until today, after Mayor Emanuel and the Chicago Police Department sprang to action.

The Chicago Tribune reported, “Kirby’s testimony poses a challenge to the department, particularly since some statistics he and others have found raise questions about just how much she and others take complaints of police abuse.

“At the time she was head of internal affairs the probability that a complaint of false arrest, illegal search … would lead to discipline was one in 1,000,” he said. Her continued leadership role “doesn’t indicate that the department has changed in any meaningful way with respect to its commitment to address the reality of police abuse and the code of silence.”

Well, okay.  No news there.  And certainly no different than 2004, when it was revealed Philly cops downgrading rapes to burglaries for better crime stats.  Or the NY cops upon which the 2001 “Driving While Female” study was based.

While it’s understood Mayor Rahm Emanuel doesn’t want to open the door to more lawsuits against the City of Chicago, his attempt to again stomp Obrycka, again, is a stomp on all Chicago women. Not to mention a blueprint for stomping on all women.

This is a national problem.  See other, “Bad Cops.

One can only hope the pretty Judge St. Eve, won’t provide Emanuel, a helpful assist.  It’s got to start somewhere.


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