Chuck Lorre’s solution to the Angus, Two and a Half Men, problem.

Oh no Chuck! Can you believe the kids are acting up again!  Seems that the only men on Two and a Half Men, are the crewImage

However, and unlike the rest of the pundits, I remember your vanity card #356.

But when all is said and done, the kids experiencing the teenage years works out very well for you profits wise. 

Of course its obvious Angus has fallen under the influence of religious zealots taking pains to ensure he doesn’t too quickly learn people lead by example, not

“Don’t watch…me make a bundle of money on this show.” 

So you can’t be too mad at Angus.  He means well.  He just hasn’t sorted it out yet.

And of course you knew this was coming.  You know what’s going on on your show….and why else does a 17 year old go to DC?

So how to handle Angus, who is clearly trying to engineer his own demise, perhaps with the aid of the creepy guy sitting next to him in the video looking uncomfortable.

And of course Chuck, you gotta remember your role after birthing the misogynistic show which made you so wealthy.

So while Angus isn’t wrong about the show; and people watch (and make) who they are…

Full disclosure:  I was an early fan of Two and a Half Men, and still remember Charlie’s line involving the secret bedding a married woman; until his quiet electric car ran over the cat’s tail.

(Somehow I knew that happened in real life.) The show is no longer funny.

Perhaps due to your lack of a personal crisis concerning not growing up.

Two and a Half Men lost me about three seasons ago, when the show lost the funny.

Of course it still has many fans.  After all, misogyny is a big part of our culture

But that’s on you Chuck.  And as you know, those Friday night stag meetings sometimes mean one becomes expert and adept solely at fooling one’s self. 

People are expert at fooling themselves, as this example so well demonstrates.

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