North County attorney Sydney Kirkland charged with elder abuse

When government works.

Sydney Kirkland is facing three felonies regarding elder financial abuse

Once again, the California State Bar is working well with local DAs.  See

Kirkland posted bail and is no longer in custody.  But the pairing of the State Bar with local DAs seems to be working, as was earlier demonstrated in the Patricia Gregory case, and which resulted in a stint in Los Colinas.


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7 Responses to North County attorney Sydney Kirkland charged with elder abuse

  1. Tom S. says:

    18 months in “local custody” means that if she’s not out already, she will be soon. What a shame.


  2. Interested in NorCal says:

    If you don’t want to slog through the details, the CA Bar Association has a nice press release on Syd’s disbarment:
    What they don’t tell you is that in May, 2011, after draining almost a quarter of a million dollars from a 79 year old client’s account in three months, Syd & her husband had their 1949 Packard shipped to Europe so they could tour France in style.
    I’d say “shameless” pretty much sums Syd up.

    Their trip to France made it into the UT


  3. Interested in NorCal says:

    As of Jan. 19, 2013, she was ” Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)”
    You can read the details of one of her scams here:

    Click to access 11-O-18588-3.pdf


  4. Not sure. We’re following it, although San Diego DA Bonnie Dumanis favors plea deals rather than trials.


  5. Tom Smithson says:

    What is the status of the Sydney Kirkland case? Obviously, she will be disbarred, but will she be imprisoned for her felonious activities?


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