9th Circuit’s Judge Sandra Ikuta puts women at risk

Doug Manchester only wants good news for his media companies.

To be fair, the 9th Circuit’s decision last week against San Diego County in the case of Maxwell vs. County of San Diego, after a few deputies let permitted another deputy’s wife to bleed out her husband shot her point-blank in the face in front of their child, went beyond the pale for two reasons.

First, San Diego deputies pepper-sprayed the woman’s father, Jim Maxwell, and then used a baton on him.  Secondly, the deputies detained Kristin Maxwell’s parents for five hours refusing to let them see their dying daughter.   All while delaying her medical treatment.  Post death?

Not a single media outlet in San Diego reported Jim Maxwell prevailed at the 9th Circuit.

Not a single one.

Not San Diego Reader
Not San Diego City Beat
Not San Diego Metropolitan News
Not San Diego Legal Publications
Not Voice of San Diego

The decision was reported by Familylawcourts.com, (both in the “News” and “Bad Cop” section); and by Shaun Martin, the USD law professor who is generally notoriously blase when it comes to murdered San Diego women.

Equally alarming however, was the dissent by Bush nominee, Judge Sandra Ikuta, who sided with the deputies.

Bounce Judge Sandra Ikuta in any domestic violence case

Although a martial arts expert, Judge Sandra Ikuta demonstrates no regard for abused women.  See Maxwell vs. County of San Diego


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