Could Huma Abedin choose a Hollywood role model instead of Hillary?

Looking at the total picture; isn’t it true Huma Abedin’s judgment skills could also be called into question?
Do we really need either Weiner in government considering Mrs. Weiner seems okay with her husband treating half the population as badly as she allows him to treat her?   Doesn’t the nation need people in government with better judgment skills?
Enter Hollywood.  Go figure.
Denise Richards left Charlie Sheen in her seventh month of pregnancy.

Photo from People

Who would have guessed it would be a Hollywood actress to be the smart role model?  So with the bad judgment Huma continues to display, does America need both Wieners on the government payroll; and as an aside, how can the women in Wiener’s district be that, spectacularly, stupid?
Although I work with professionals, in 2001 told my clients, “All bets are off when it comes to family court”  because mainstream media largely ignores the busiest, most used most often, court in the nation;  family court, where money laundering and violence play out daily, including ex felon appointments to state panels on child support.  See the “Comic Gold” section of
Family Court’s secret reveal
If it’s not state auditors revealing family courts are using under-qualified therapists to weigh in on custody matters; or counties using fake therapists,  or spectacular conflict-of-interest stories, it’s cops stalking former lovers and female judges who refuse to provide their stalkees restraining orders.   But Familiy Court’s big reveal arrived quietly.
In a pen-stroke. one Judicial Council, composed of judges and attorneys, decided to de-criminalize crime to “abuse.”  See California Judicial Council Form for Supervised Visitation.  Note in Line One, kidnapping became the softer sounding, crime free, “parental abduction” and that sexual molesting morphed into the fuzzy, “sexual abuse.”  Yes, judges decided to decriminalize crime and thus cases which should be in criminal court remain stuck family court.
The solution – and the Family Court Judges who ignore it
By far the best, ongoing scandal is family court judges who refuse to protect the women who come to Court asking for protection and winding up dead, instead.
Absent media
On a national, presidential scale where is media? In addition to a quick gloss-over of Newt’s multiple marriages, and media ignoring during Newt’s current, strange run;  how did media miss that  Gov. Haley Barbour released Michael Graham from prison after Graham blew away his former wife, Adriennethree years after their divorce, while she waited for the light to change at a traffic stop.  Again, three Years *after* their divorce.
The felon friendly governor releases convicted wife murder Michael Graham

File Phtoto -

How did it escape media notice that Gov. Barbour released Michael Graham, sentenced to life in prison and still Consider Himself a Viable candidate?
Doesn’t that say a lot about the War on Women from both parties?
See earlier coverage on Barbour, here.
The war on women today means as long as men consider women disposable – some will dispose of them and their bodies.  Check out these stats.
I look forward to the day media examines what’s happening to women on a daily basis.  Beginning with the fact, the ongoing fact, that family court judges aren’t supporting crime prevention tools in Family Court such as, GPS with real-time Victim Notification added to any restraining order judges might order which, for the very first time, render an Effective restraining order.
GPS with Victim Notification means in real-time, and in time enough for women to vacate the area, GPS monitoring staff would notify women ahead of time should the restrained person begin to violate the court ordered stay-away distance.
That’s right.  An effective restraining order.
Yes, a for the first time, family court judges have the technology to craft an effective restraining order.  Technology means women no longer have to be the sitting ducks they have been…and currently remain.
Click on any of the news clips, here.  All could be used in Family Court if it wasn’t for one thing.
Judicial indifference
Although each of the devices featured in the news clips could be adapted for family court and greatly reduce family murders, Family Court judges don’t seem to care enough about victim litigants before them as do the Criminal Court judges.
Although I look forward to the day media begins to question why Family Court judges aren’t as committed to the safety of family court litigants as criminal court judges, I do wonder how many women will die in the meantime.

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